Chiropractic is a form of healthcare that is uniquely American--invented in the USA over 125 years ago.  It focuses upon HEALTH--Normal Function; rather than upon disease--a list of symptoms. 

In Texas, the definition of the practice of chiropractic is the use of objective or subjective means to analyze, examine, or evaluate the biomechanical condition of the spine, and the musculoskeletal system of the human body; uses nonsurgical, nonincisive procedures, including adjustment and manipulation, to improve subluxation complex or the biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system.  Chiropractic does NOT make use of incisive or surgical procedures, controlled substances, dangerous drugs, drugs requiring a prescription, or the use of radiation therapy.

So then, in Texas, Chiropractic is:

     Evaluating and determining the status of:     

  • the structure and function of the human spine, 
  • the muscles, bones, joints and related tissues of the human body.

The use of: 

  • nonsurgical and non-incisive procedures, adjustment and manipulation, 
  • to improve the subluxation complex or the structure and function of the muscles, bones, joints and related tissues. 
In Texas chiropractors must prescribe or administer treatments that are therapeutic in nature and in the manner in which they are prescribed or administered. When one looks up the meanings of these words we find that chiropractic is administered for the purpose of, or relating to, the healing of disease, for reasons of health, or to have “ a good effect on the body or mind; contributing to a sense of well-being.”

While some will take the definition to literally mean ONLY the mechanical aspects of the spine, they forget that HISTORICALLY and by definition chiropractic ALSO deals with the nervous system--a PART OF THE SPINE.

Therefore, in dealing with the “structure and function of the human spine” generally, chiropractors also deal the nervous system of the human and “the primary function of the nervous system is to control the body.” 

The Brenham Chiropractic Clinic has served Washington County and the community of Brenham for many decades. 

Originally established in Brenham in the early 1970's by Dr. Henry Ford,  Dr. Chris Dalrymple took over the practice when Dr. Ford retired, and has continued to administer the practice since 1985. Dr. Dalrymple (DAL-rim-pull) has been an actively practicing Chiropractic Doctor for nearly 40 years. 

Says Dr. Dalrymple "My greatest satisfaction in chiropractic comes from the ability to help ailing people become healthier. My profession allows me to touch people's lives and frequently change them in a dramatic way forever." 

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